Wheel Covers

RV Sunshade Company Wheel Covers are custom made and designed to protect your wheels and tires from damaging UV rays. We use the highest quality durable black vinyl combined with a thick, clear vinyl center to make a wheel cover that lets you see the beauty of your wheels shine through.

We call them our "no see-em" tire covers, because they blend so well most people don't notice there are covers on your tires! And besides protecting your tires, your polished wheels will stay bright for months! This exclusive design is protected by our US Patent. Our No-See-EM Tire Covers® are shipped direct to you from our factory along with a complimentary black canvas duffle bag for storage

No-See-Um® Custom Wheel Covers

*To place an order for our No-See-Um Wheel Covers we will need to know the size of your tires.
No-See-Em® Wheel Covers are $125 each, plus shipping and handling fee to deliver the order to you. With your order you will also receive a black canvas duffel bag for storage included at no extra charge to store your tire covers when you take them off for your travels.

Snap-on Tire Covers 

For easier attachment, we also offer "snap-on" tire covers made from our hi-tech window cover material as shown above.

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