Window Covers


Indoor Sunscreens are great for that quick overnight stop!

But how about protecting your dash and keeping the heat out of your coach? 

Inside shades or curtains are not effective because once the heat hits the window glass
it starts heating up your coach and starts damaging your dashboard !!!

Our Custom Windshield Covers and Side Window Covers protects your dash, upholstery, curtains and makes your air conditioner much more effective.


  • Custom Made and Installed Onsite
  • Blocks 90% of harmful UV Rays 
  • Keeps Heat from entering Windows
  • Uses Non-Corrosive Snaps
  • Blocks the Sun, Not the View
  • Provides Daytime Privacy
  • Reduces Glare for a Relaxing View 
  • Made at your site in just a few hours
  • Provide a Beautiful High-End Look 

A combination of front and side window covers provide nearly 100% privacy during the daytime.
You see out, but others cannot see in!

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